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Here is the preposition:

How to get $200-300 in checks and cash stuffed into
your mailbox...EVERY day!

What you're about to read will stun you with its
simplicity and its power to quickly generate a steady
flow of $20 checks into your mailbox.

It's a complete online marketing system...all contained on
ONE SINGLE PAGE, and it's called the "CookieCutter".

The CookieCutter is a 3-part system, utilizing a KILLER
classified ad...a powerful one-page sales letter, delivered
by autoresponder...and a top quality product.

Let Me

1. Killer
. EVERY profitable marketing programs starts here. If your ads work...then you're two thirds of the way home

And believe me...these work!

The wording of these powerful little ads create an almost irresistable desire to click on the link to get the rest of the story. Curiosity, and the desire to make money, are 2 very powerful emotions...which makes them pull like crazy


2. The
. The page you're now reading is both the sales letter and the marketing plan. The simplicity of this program is the secret of its money-making power.

You don't have to create any marketing copy. There's no complicated compensation plan to learn or to have explain to prospects...and there's no inventory for you to have to fuss with.

It's briliant, but a real no-brainer to implement.

Here's how it works...
. . When people see your little classified ad...curiosity will prompt a good percentage of them to click on the email link to see what it's about. The instant they do, then your autoresponder will deliver this letter into their inbox

Only this time it will be YOUR letter...with YOUR contact information

It's lightning fast...
The speed at which the "CookieCutter" works is amazing! If your ad comes out in a publication at can literally be getting checks faxed or emailed to you by 3pm.

Just think about it for a second...

If the prospect of INSTANT profits makes your pulse race just a little, the please understand...that's a universal reaction!

The CookieCutter is not a chain-letter...or a money game. This next point explains why...

3. It Delivers
. In order to keep from being downright illegal, many programs just tack any old excuse for a product onto their money-game. while this may be technically legal, it's not moral.

Nor is it a sound business decision.

If your integrity is iportant to you, then you'll be glad to know that the product you'll be marketing through the CookieCutter sytem is access to a top quality training program, created for aspiring, entry-level internet marketers.

. . The internet represents the greatest marketing opportunity that has ever existed. But in spite of this fact, over 95% of all those involved in Electronic Marketing never make enough to even pay their expenses.

The reason is simple
E-Marketing is aprofession...but it's practiced mostly by AMATEURS!


"Boot Camp" is just what it sounds like. It's "basic training". It's formatted to take you step-by-step from "wanna-be"... to "web-smart marketing professional".

The training is thorough, practical and cumulative... each lesson taking up where the last one left off. And the best part is...while you're getting your own education, you can use the CookieCutter to literally make thousands of dollars.

Access to Boot Camp is through the CookieCutter only. And the only way someone can enroll is through another CookieCutter member.

The cost to become a member is a one-time $20 outlay, all of which is paid DIRECTLY by the purchasing member to the member who enrolls him\her.

Immediately upon receipt of the $20 payment, the new member receives access to the training site, which contains complete CookieCutter marketing instructions... and a wide selection of quality marketing tools.

Here's How
To Get Started...

1. . .
. . First, get signed up.
At the end of this letter you'll find a link to my order page. As soon as I receive your payment, you will receive the URL to the CookieCutter support site. In that site is a COMPLETE step-by-step guide to setting up your system. Nothing is left to chance or speculation.

2. . .
. . Next, set up your cookie cutter system.
This is a simple 4-step process.

a. Set up to accept paymet.
There are several easy ways to do this...all of which are explained in detail in the CookieCutter training site. There you learn how to set up to accept checks and credit cards online without having to mess with software...or any specialized equipment.

Setting this up will take you 15-30 minutes.

b. Personalize this letter.
This will take you 10 minutes. In the support site is a copy of this letter. You just copy and paste the support site letter into a "plain vanilla" word processor document, and carefully personalize it with YOUR contact information and YOUR payment instructions.

c. Set up your autoresponder.
Getting your autoresponder set up and working will take you 15 minutes. In the CookieCutter site are detailed instructions on how to do this.

d. Start placing the ad.
The last critical part of the formula is to get the ad seen by tons of people.

Most free advertising on the net is too time consuming to be worth the time it takes to set it up. In the support site is a complete step-bystep guide to advertising in the ONLY free forum I've found, that actually produces results.

and it works really fast! I've actually placed ads at noon, and had people downloading my letter by 2 or 3pm... and sending me money by 5!

This is where you should START your marketing... but the REAL PROFITS are to be made from paid ads.

Once you have your system set up and tweaked, then I'll show you where you can spend just a few bucks and almost immediately get your ad in front of literally hundreds of thousands of qualified prospects.

A word from the founder
Of the CookieCutter

. . "To me, the marketing business is a fascinating way to make money. The excitement of getting cash and checks in the mail and through your computer is totally addictive."

"Since getting into this business, my best single day so far was a little over $3,200 in checks and money orders... I've never been the same since."

"I wish you success."
Gary White
. . .

. Now it's okay not to believe in the tooth long as you understand that 2 + 2 ALWAYS equal 4.

Truly effective marketing is a science...not a lottery. And if a program is put together will produce the same results...time after time.

In one sense, the Cookie Cutter is a product itself.

But, it's also a SYSTEM. And once you learn how to use this system, you can use it to market other products...each one producing it's own income stream for you.

Before long, you can have a portfolio of semi-automated cookie cutters producing checks for you. This is the dream that has drawn so many thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to the World Wide Web. And IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING , it can become a REALITY!


Now it's a decision time...
You can pass on the CookieCutter...and blow your $20 on popcorn at the movies. But you should understand... "IF YOU KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING, YOU'RE GONNA KEEP GETTING WHAT YOU'VE BEEN GETTING!"

Your other option is to "risk it all" and become a member.

Just Imagine...within 24-48 hours you could be receiving checks through your computer! and once you reach that point, you're just a stone's throw away from mastering a marketing system that could revolutionize your life!

If you think you're right!
If you think you can''re also right!
It's your call!


Achmad Rundi
85-103 66th Road
Rego Park, NY 11374

PS - Here are a just a couple of paragraphs taken from letters on file at the CC home office. Copies can be supplied on request.


>From a single mom...
In my first month - January 2nd through January 31st, 1999, " In less than a full month, I made over $2000 in CookieCutter autosales."


>From an internet newbie...
"This takes you "Back to the Basics" in a way that is totally clear and easy to understand. I started making money from Day One...and if I can do it, ANYONE can!"


There you are...this simple little system really does work!
It's fast.
It's easy to setup.
It can be operated from anywhere.
And it's very, very profitable.

Ready to find out for yourself??
Then the link below will take you to my Order Option page, where you can order with a credit card for now.

Payment site: ccpayment.html

If ordering from outside the USA:
You can order by credit card. Or you can send a $20 International Money Order to my snail mail address with "CookieCutter" in the memo area.